Write a brief overview of Important Hebrew History from Abraham to Moses

Hebrew History from Abraham to Moses

When Abram was around 100 years old God promised him that he would be “The father of many” and their God changed his name from Abram to Abraham. His wife gave birth to Isaac.

When Isaac God called on Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. Moses went up Mount Hebron and was about to offer up Isaac when an angel of the Lord came down to Abraham and told him “That God would not let him hurt Isaac and would prepare another offering in Isaacs place.”

Isaac later had to Sons, Esau and Jacob, Esau was a great hunter as well as the oldest, and Jacob tended to the flocks of Sheep. One day as Esau came back from a long day of hunting, he asked his brother for some of the soup he was preparing. Jacob deciding to take advantage of the situation told his brother “I will give you some soup if you give me your birthright” and Esau readily agreed, being famished from his hunt.

At the time close to Isaac’s death, he called for Esau to give him his birthright, but their mother loving Jacob more, told him to prepare a goat, take the hair from it, and put it on his arms so his Father would think he was Esau (Esau was extremely hairy.). Isaac was fooled by Jacob’s deception and gave the birthright to him instead of Esau.

When Esau found out what had happened, he went into a rage, and said that he would kill Jacob for it. Rebecca overheard Esau and warned Jacob, telling him to run and escape Esau’s fury. Jacob hid from Esau for many years. He finally returned to his home and the brothers forgave each other.

When Jacob had become a much older man, his wife gave birth to his son and Jacob named him Joseph. Jacob loved Joseph more than any of his other son’s and they became very jealous of Joseph. One-day Joseph came up to his brother’s and told them that he would rule over them. That was the final straw for them and his brother’s sold Joseph into slavery.

Joseph was a slave to Potiphar and when he saw how well Joseph worked, Potiphar put him over all the other slaves. Potiphar’s wife saw Joseph and went to seduce him but Joseph refused. In her fury, she called her guards and made up a story about Joseph, trying to make him look bad.

Joseph is thrown in prison and starts to interpret dreams, starting with the cupbearer and the chief baker, eventually interpreting the dreams of the Pharaoh himself. As Joseph continues to gain popularity with the people he gains the position of second in command of the whole nation. Around the time of Joseph’s raise in position a famine grows all through the country and Joseph’s brother’s come to Egypt looking for food. When Joseph hears that his brothers have come he tells them to bring his younger brother Benjamin concealing his identity. When they return with Benjamin, he is framed with stealing a goblet of gold, and when the brothers plead with Joseph to release Benjamin he reveals himself and rejoices at seeing them.


Why shouldn’t I borrow to buy something that depreciates?

Borrowing money from someone to get something that will eventually lose value is not smart for a lot of reasons.

  1. I think a big problem is that a lot of people think. “I really need this really cool/modern thing.” What they are doing is twisting the meaning of need and want and there is a big difference between need and want. When you need something, it means you cannot take care of your responsibilities without it, while wanting something means I really like this and it would be nice to have it. (I.e. A car: A car is completely necessary in life after 17, for a job and general transportation, so buying a decent car that runs and won’t break down in two months would be considered a need, but getting the latest model Ford Truck that’s brand new would be considered a want.
  2. It is not a good investment of your money. The longer you wait the less it is worth, and when you eventually sell it you have lost a lot of money. (I.e. A car: If you go ahead and get that super cool Ford Truck, you will probably end up paying about $30,000, then use it for about 10 years and sell it for about $5,000, that’s $2,500 every year you kept the vehicle and not including taxes or interest rates, which takes us to my next reason.)
  3. Let’s say you use a credit card to make the purchase, well the taxes will be the least of your worries with all the interest the credit card companies. Let’s say that you pay off the credit card companies at the end of the ten years you had the vehicle, and they charge you 28% interest, well every month you will be paying an extra $8,500 on the Truck, in total with the money you lost when you sold the truck you will be paying way more than needed on it.

All in all buying things that are needed and getting them used or just cheap is the best option.

What would I have to give up in order to save 10% of my income

In order for me to save 10% or more of my income I could do multiple things, I could stop spending money on worthless things that have no purpose other than a short fulfilment of something I want like junk-food: candy, chips, soda, etc.

I could stop buying things that are good, but not necessary, like brand new drum heads. Self-control would be a big part of this, because it is nice to have old things replaced with new things, but it isn’t always necessary.

Something that would be a big help would be sticking my money into the bank as soon as I get it, then the temptation to get stuff will be quenched, because I won’t have anything to get it with.

Something that I found really weird is that in the book he mentions paying yourself first before paying others, now I don’t entirely agree with this, I like the proposal of setting aside 10% for yourself, but not first, I would give a tithe first then set aside another 10% for myself: In my case because I am young enough that I don’t have bills or taxes to pay it would look like this: 10% of my money would go to the church as a tithe, another 40% – 80% into my savings account, depending on what needs to be done I might spend more or less on a paycheck, but still being careful to only get the absolutely necessary things.

Would I rather start a small business or become a minimal wage apprentice to a mentor? Why?

I would rather run a small business, and here’s why.

If I ran a small business, I would have control over what I would do, who I would hire, standards and requirements of who would work for me, what salary they would get (Still paying good money.) etc.

If I worked as a minimal wage apprentice I would still have a choice of what I do, but could be limited whether spots are filled in certain areas. I would have to work with other people I may or may not enjoy working with, and I would get paid minimal wage.

I can see a benefit with being an apprentice that I can’t get running a business, that is getting experience with someone who knows what they’re doing, and I can get better in whatever skill I work on. At the same time with running a small business, I would still get some knowledge in whatever area I want to grow in, and if I run up against something I don’t know how to handle, I would go to someone who I trust, and who has had experience in that area themselves.

With having a small business, I would make mistakes, (It’s inevitable) what I would strive for would be to make mistakes as few times as possible, and I can accomplish that by learning from other people’s mistakes and when I make a mistake, learn from them.

A small business would be time consuming, and take some starting finances, but once I have gotten past the initial investment I would start gaining money.

Essentially starting a small business would be a risk with all the time, money, effort, thought, and knowledge you are putting into it, but if I start young I can learn early and benefit greatly later in life.




How much money won’t I have at age 70 if I keep watching TV? Is TV worth this?

If I take out all the time that I used for TV and instead spent it on running a business this is how much I would make…

My first Estimation of how much I would make spending 2 hours per day on a business instead of watching TV

  • At age 30 I would have made $245,813.97
  • At age 70 I would have made $32,172,611.95

What I spend watching TV and how much I would make spending 2.5 hours per day on a business instead of watching TV

  • At age 30 I would have made $307,267.47
  • At age 70 I would have made $40,215,765.34

Personally, I think that making a Business is worth it, the first 5 years would be difficult and time consuming, but in the end, it would be worth it

My Goals, and How can “The Strategy of going the extra mile” help me Attain these Goals?

What am I willing to settle for in one year from now?

– Finished with all math, have my private pilots license, and possibly have a decent car

What am I willing to settle for when I am 25?

– Have my College Degree, be flying commercially and have my ATP license


Going the extra Mile (Especially when you are consistently doing it.) will help me attain these goals, because going the extra mile gives you credibility, trust with people, a good reputation, and respect.

Basically, wherever I want to be in life, in however many years will consist of me needing to work with people above me whether it’s, Instructors, Professors, a Boss, etc. and if I can get good credibility, trust, reputation, respect, I will be put into a position where others can help me and will also want to help me achieve my goals.

If I choose to Go the extra Mile and work towards my goals, it will help me to achieve success and get the most out of what I am trying to work to gain in my goals, whether it be good grades or just doing the best I can at accomplishing my goals.

When the time comes that I get a job if I Go the extra Mile it will help me again to gain trust, a good reputation, etc. that will help me to get raises, bonuses, and the job positions that I want, for example; If I was to get a job working at McDonalds working as a cashier and not be very friendly, still doing the job just not with a great attitude I wouldn’t create a good environment for costumers, and that could potentially reduce costumers in general. On the flip side if I was to create a good environment by doing just that much more in doing the best job possible, I could raise the number of people that would want to come.

This said even the little things you do make a difference in what consequences you will face as to the choices you make. Never be that person who paints a shelf and doesn’t paint the top of it saying, “Nobody looks up there.” Because in the end, that little bit that you do or don’t do could be the difference between a raise, keeping your job, or being fired.

Why running your own Business is a way to Guarantee your Employment in 2030

 How is Running your own Business going to Guarantee your Employment in 2030? For Starters Robots are Beginning to take over a lot of Jobs that Humans used to do Themselves, but Something that Robot’s cannot do yet is run a Business.

 When you start a business, you have the Power to Hire and Fire, you control how much your product costs and how much employees get payed, as well as making a ton of other decisions for the company. The customer also has this power, but you can direct them to some certain points. This is a big advantage, because you have no fear of being Fired Yourself or Let Down. Now there are risks in starting a business like possibly going bankrupt or not being able to sell your product, but the advantages extremely outweigh the disadvantages. And if you end up making a mistake then start a new Business, it could end up being a great decision, and now that you have learned, you know not to make that decision again. If you do a good job with your business then start a new one or make a chain. To make a whole lot of money you will need to be investing into another business, a chain of your business, etc.

 Something that will help you with a Business is making People rely on you (Something they want more and more of.) and putting Yourself in a Position where Others think of you as Irreplaceable. You can accomplish this by using the Principle of Service which I have wrote on in another blog.

And if you do this you will be guaranteed a job in 2030.